Making finding a workspace easy

With help from the community we are aiming to build a source for remote workers, creatives and digital nomads where they can be themselves, for free!

Our mission

After many years of travelling, working from home and trying to find places from where to connect to a WiFi and do some work, we decided that it was time for a change and ask the community what was the best way of working remotely.

Created with you in mind

Building a community-lead platform needs users to exist, and we thought that the best way of encouraging people to join was to give them the power of creating a place that could feel like home. You are the ones telling us what you need and how you expect to us Nomadik!

Digital first, real-life last

While we start as a digital platform, we plan on expand our experience to the physical world, allowing our users to interact with their environment and other fellow nomads thanks to some features and also building a stronger community further away from the screen.

Join now

While we get started with the launch, you can sign-up and we will keep you updated as well as send you suggestion of the best places to work around in the meantime.

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What do I get by signing up?

We can't promise a link to start using Nomadik any time soon, however, by joining the community you will get:

Biweekly updates
Biweekly updates with information about the project and access to private developments
Location suggestions
As a way to introducing you to the platform, we will be sending some suggestions!
Interesting links
Biweekly updates with information about the project and access to private developments
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